The Daily Show Needs Real-Estate Advice From a Wealthy Person


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart may have gained the respect of his ideological opponents by engaging them in reasoned debate instead of making them look stupid, but the roving cast of correspondents who film segments in the field aren't always as kind to their subjects: Witness Jason Jones's painful interview with the Times' Bill Keller, or Samantha Bee's savaging of a bunch of dudes from Long Island. So "wealthy real-estate investors" might want to think twice before responding to the following ad the producers placed on Zillow.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is looking to interview a wealthy real estate investor in the NYC area as part of a segment we're working on. We want your advice & expertise on a potential (fake) real estate investment opportunity. Looking to conduct this short interview sometime early next week at your office in the city. You won't be made to look like a fool!

Sure. If you make yourself look like a fool, however, that's another story.

Daily Show looking to interview wealthy real estate investor in the NYC area. [Zillow via Big Picture]
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