‘Didn’t I Tell You Not to Buy Anything, Not to Attract Attention?’


Goldman Sachs paid back their TARP and had a blockbuster second quarter, but after their recent spate of negative publicity, CEO Lloyd Blankfein has asked employees at the firm to avoid making any big, splashy purchases that might draw more attention to the firm, according to the New York Post:

"This is a sensitive time for us, and [Blankfein] wants to make sure that we're not being seen living high on the hog," said one Goldman exec.

Because they're scared of the big mean taxpayers, is why. Yeah. That's right. How does it feel to be a master of the universe NOW, bitches? Oh. Wait.

We guess since they're not buying things, it means they won't be putting any money into the economy, then? So we're pretty much still the ones getting screwed. Damn. Being a bully is so counterproductive.