Don’t Forget ...

Photo: iStockphoto

He had a hold of my head. I was at a right angle to his mouth, hanging out the side. The front teeth were buried in through my cheekbones and my nose. It was quick and sharp. The teeth were like razors. When he clamped onto me, it was a god-awful crunch. I heard the crunching of teeth plowing through bone, but it didn’t hurt. Something in the brain clicks so you don’t feel it till later. He didn’t take me down — he took me out of the water. When I saw the water, it was like three feet below me, but I could see we were moving fast. I tried to pull my head out. I reached up on the shark and it was flat, like the side of a Buick, and it had a sandpapery feel. And then I just started pounding on it. I went berserk. I shredded my gloves on its teeth. I was just striking at him blind. I don’t know if that’s what made him let loose of me. If he would’ve finished the bite, I would’ve had no brain.”

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