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Dude in Underpants Passed Out on Wall Street Bull Not Actually an Intern

Photo: Dealbreaker.com

Last week we ran a photo of what appeared to be a young Wall Street type passed out in only his white underpants and draped over the neck of the famous bull sculpture downtown. We felt sad for the poor lad, whom we assumed was some young thing taken up by the glory of it all and deposited, at the end of an epic bender, on the very back of the beast he hoped one day to conquer. We also fretted because the person who snapped the photo reported that he was “100 percent passed out/maybe dead,” which is worrisome. Well, it turns out the guy was not dead, not passed out, not an intern, and not even young! He was Peter Killy, a fortysomething actor who was making an indie movie, The Robber Barons of Wall Street. This particular pose was a shot they plan to use for the promotional poster.

I am slightly disturbed that this opportunistic photographer never bothered to see if I was dead or alive,” Killy told us. “I had my photographer and director there, they said a police car drove by and didn’t even stop. That was the funniest part of all … It was just like another day in the financial district.” Killy, whose only listed role on IMDb.com is that of “Naked Man” in a 2004 episode of the sitcom Whoopi, advised us that the bull sculpture is “very cold” and that, when it started to rain, the first things on his mind were his “cheap little white underwear.” “When they get wet, they’re going to be see-through,” he worried (we thought the same thing!). We asked if he had any advice for actual interns who might find themselves in the same position in the future. “If I had been an intern,” he said, “I’d be wondering how long you have to stay there for somebody to actually stop and see if you are okay.”

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Dude in Underpants Passed Out on Wall Street Bull Not Actually an Intern