Finally, a Porn Based on 30 Rock


New Sensations, the company that brought us (the general “us,” as in “the people of the world”!) porn movies based on The Office, Scrubs, and Seinfeld, has just released a Spanktravision-appropriate X-rated version of 30 Rock. Judging from the YouTube trailer (totally safe for work except for a few bad words), it might be something even Liz Lemon–prudish 30 Rock superfans will want to actually buy. (You know, ironically and for fun!) But seriously, it’s actually disturbing how true to the show this thing is. (“Trey Jordan”: “See this chain? It was Dracula’s.” And pretty much every other line.) Someone out there in porn-making land has actually done their 30 Rock homework — there’s even a TGS movie-parody-within-a-show-within-a-show-within-a-parody-porn scene. Color us impressed.

(The first two minutes are a strange, mostly boring parody of Cribs, so this skips straight to the trailer):

[Buy It Here On The NSFW Official Site]