Finally, Proof That You Should Never Trust Someone Wearing a Red Sox Hat on the Subway


Any New Yorker worth his or her salt knows to look at a person wearing a Red Sox hat on our subways or buses askance. If the person is a tourist, they’ll probably do that thing where they peer bewildered at the subway map just over your shoulder as you’re sitting down, invading your personal space and smelling like a well-lubricated foot. If the person is a New Yorker, what are they doing, trying to start a fight? And the Post this morning has proof that should solidify your prejudices: A man wearing a crisp, new Sox hat had been implicated in a series of thirteen robberies in four boroughs, mostly clustered in the Bronx and northern Manhattan. Usually the dude flashes a knife and asks for money and ATM cards. While he often gets a small fistful of cash from the people he accosts, he hasn’t appeared to use any of the cards — likely because quick-thinking victims have given him the wrong pin numbers. The MTA caught security footage of him after one of the robberies, and police are confident they’ll get him. It should be noted that most of his victims are women. Are any of you surprised?