French Fries and Mangoes for All Schoolchildren!


Please enjoy this video, in which a cute child interviews President Obama. Damon Weaver, 11, is a Florida schoolboy who has already interviewed Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Caroline Kennedy, Samuel L. Jackson, and Dwyane Wade (yes, yes, we should all just give up now), and he took those skills to his meeting at the White House. He asked the president about improving schools and small towns, and inevitably came to the topic of cafeteria food. “There’s a lot of French fries, pizza, tater tots, all kinds of stuff that, you know, isn’t a well-balanced meal,” Obama observed, vowing to make some healthy, and perhaps unpopular, changes. Weaver suggested French fries and mangoes for everyone, as a compromise. “I don’t think we can get mangoes in every school,” the president laughed, the only time he entered rough territory during the interview. But seriously, this video will get you thinking. Specifically about how Obama’s media team, in the middle of universal national hysteria over health care, had so much trouble finding a reporter to give a softball interview that they resorted to calling an 11-year-old. And yet it still comes off as adorable!