Giuliani Warns That Death Panels Might Be Inevitable

Photo: Getty Images

Though the Senate Finance Committee has heard and responded to America’s displeasure about a plan to kill their grandmothers for sport, the debate over “death panels” lives on. Yesterday at the GOPAC convention in Illinois, Rudy Giuliani lent his inestimable credibility and fearmongering skills to the claim. “This is a real concern not made up by radio talk-show hosts,” he insisted. But it’s a concern not because any legislation actually proposes death panels, or because any elected official supports them, or because they will ever exist in any way, but because “it is natural that people would suggest that one of the ways you would [save money] is to cut off care for the elderly. Whether they will do that or not I don’t know.” He added, “They [Democratic legislators] have created that suggestion in the ambiguity of the legislation.” Yep, it’s definitely the legislation that has created ambiguous suggestions of death panels, and not prominent politicians exploiting people’s deepest fears for political purposes.

Giuliani says Sarah Palin’s debunked ‘death panels’ claim is legit [Think Progress via Chicago Sun-Times]