Daily Intel’s Solution to Goldman Sachs’s Image Problem


Since Goldman Sachs’s recent spate of bad publicity, a "gaggle" of public-relations experts has been approaching the firm to help it recover its public image, the FT reports today. "Goldman Sachs still has that Gordon Gekko look to it among the general public," one such expert told the paper. But others are not convinced that a public-relations campaign will help the firm.

Eric Dezenhall, a crisis communications expert, thinks Goldman should steer clear of such approaches. “A lot of these image campaigns don’t do anything to convince the public that company is a cuddly koala bear,” he says.

Right? Also, quite frankly, why should they stoop to handing out free pens to the general public? They're Goldman Sachs! Plus the only people who matter now that they've paid back the TARP are their shareholders, and all the loving they need, they get from their returns and the sparkle in Lloyd Blankfein's dancing eyes.

But should they change their mind, we have come up with an image that we wouldn't mind seeing wrapped around city buses and next to Dr. Zizmor's smiling visage on the subway ...

Ohohoho yes you are a cuddly little koala. A fuzzy wuzzy widdle koala. Yes you ARE.Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images, iStockphoto:

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