Wife of Recently Retired Goldman Hedge-Fund Chief Drove Her Car Into a Tree

Photo: Via Business Insider

Back in March, Ray Iwanowski, the head of Goldman Sachs Global Alpha hedge fund, “retired,” probably not because he had just lost $10 billion — Goldmanically speaking, that’s a pittance, a loss that basically rounds to zero — but because he wanted to spend more time with his family. Having the husband around the house so much all of a sudden seems to have put some strain on his wife, Jane, however, as evidenced by the fact that a couple of Sundays ago around 6:48 p.m. the Mrs. plowed her BMW into a tree near their East Hampton home, and had to be driven home by a neighbor, who called the cops after Jane “began showing signs of alcohol overdose and was unable to walk or stand.” Did her her husband drive her to drink with his constant presence and chattering about new projects, getting the band back together, etc.? We may never know: Ray, who was reached at his home by the Post, “said his wife was out.”

East Hampton Police Report [27 East]