Gossip Girl Plot Non-Spoiler!

Photo: Getty Images, FilmMagic

Pictured here are the actors Matthew Settle, Kelly Rutherford, and Chris Riggi hugging on the set of Gossip Girl in Manhattan yesterday. If you are fans of the Greatest Show of Our Time, you know that Kelly and Matthew play Rufus and Lily, the star-crossed lovers and parents of Dan, Serena, Eric, and Jenny. But Rufus and Lily are also the parents (together, this time) of Riggi’s character, Scott. This photo of them hugging for the cameras isn’t much of a spoiler (see more here), as the plotline was obviously developed to unfold this way. Last season Rufus and Lily were left thinking the son they gave up was dead, while Scott himself was hunting down the pair on the streets of New York. But the looks of joy on their faces indicate that by the time they’ve met, all the inevitable evil scheming, revenge fantasies, blackmail plots, and window peeping will have already been in the distant past. Or maybe in the near future? Regardless, what interests us more is the inset photo of Riggi joyfully snuggling Jessica Szohr, a.k.a. Vanessa, from the set of the show last month. Who said she was allowed to be happy?