Hillary Clinton’s Power Is Slowly Disintegrating


Forbes just released its annual list of the world’s 100 most powerful women, and guess what? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — fourth in the presidential line of succession, the country’s foremost diplomat, wife and confidant to the Universe’s Most Awesome Guy — clocks in at a measly No. 36. In terms of American women, she’s behind Nancy Pelosi, whom most of the country hates, and a couple dozen corporate executives. Michelle Obama, who doesn’t actually have any official power, is only four spots behind her. Even more distressing for Hillary is that this is the fourth year in a row that her ranking has dropped — from No. 18 in 2006 to No. 25 in 2007 to No. 28 in 2008 — despite, you know, coming within a wisp of the presidency and then being named to a top Cabinet post. Of course, she still supposedly wields more influence than Oprah, which is really quite an accomplishment in itself — though it may actually cast the entire ranking system into doubt, as Oprah is clearly the most powerful human who has ever existed.

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women [Forbes]