Hillary to Bill: ‘Look, Darling, It’s So Romantic’


Lest anyone get the impression from Hillary Clinton’s “my husband is not the secretary of State” incident that Bill Clinton’s return to the spotlight has caused renewed friction in their marriage, look no further than the couple’s trip to Bermuda last week. The two lovebirds were seen “walking around hand-in-hand”; for Bill’s birthday, they “enjoyed a candle-lit dinner on a private beach and watched the sunset with waves lapping at their feet”; and during a tour of the Horizons hotel, Hillary remarked to Bill, “Look, darling, it’s so romantic.” Darling! They were also reportedly “very keen to see the room” where they had stayed 30 years ago — when they conceived Chelsea.

Clintons re-kindle their love for BDA on low-key, whirlwind visit [Bermuda Sun]