How to Talk to a Town-Hall Crazy


At a health-care town hall yesterday, Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank was asked, by a woman holding a photo of Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache, why he’s supporting a “Nazi policy.” Odd, we don’t remember Adolf Hitler promising universal health care in his platform. (It was kind of the opposite, actually.) The many Democratic politicians who revert to meekly humoring outlandish accusations at their town halls (“I can see that you’re concerned … “) might take inspiration from Frank’s strategy and simply sass those crazies right back. Frank takes a three-pronged approach in this instance. Step one: Imply that the crazy person in question is completely oblivious to the reality of life on planet Earth. Step two: Acknowledge that the Constitution gives them the right to spew “vile, contemptible nonsense.” And finally, step three: Compare their intelligence to that of an inanimate object.

Barney Frank Confronts Woman At Town Hall Comparing Obama To Hitler [HuffPo]