If You Are Reading Daily Intel on Your BlackBerry While Driving Right Now, Please Stop


The city has kicked off a 24-hour crackdown on cell-phone use today, for the second time in six months. Last time the NYPD did this, on March 12, cops pulled over nearly 9,000 drivers in just one day — and that’s just the ones they happened to see. Imagine how many people drive around the city every day blabbing on their cell phones who aren’t caught.

Your Daily Intel editors are not originally from the city, so we have opposite driving fears to most people who grew up here. City folk are afraid of driving on the highway. Rural folk are afraid of driving in the city. But it seems to us, no matter who you are, negotiating traffic in New York with the added distraction of a cell phone is terrifying. Have you guys noticed a crackdown today from traffic cops?

Regardless, do us a favor: Take the day off from talking on your cell while driving today. Then, take the day off from it every day for the rest of your life.

NYPD Crackdown: Hands-Free Or Pay The Fee! [WCBS]