Inside Whoopi Goldberg’s Soho Loft

Photo: Sotheybys Real Estate

Here’s a shot of Whoopi Goldberg’s living room in the Soho loft that she’s currently selling for $3.99 million, as teased by Cindy Adams this morning. As you can see, it’s spacious, well appointed, with tasteful finishings and modern appliances. In other photos you can also see signs of normal life: vacuum cleaners, air conditioner window units, and a washer-dryer in the living room behind the bar (Hey — Whoopi doesn’t drink!). Being avid watchers of The View, we know that the co-host is trying to “Kick the butts.” She’s made a fuss of her trouble trying to quit smoking cigarettes. And we counted — we only saw one standing ashtray in the whole apartment. Good for you, Whoops.

Soho Royale [Sotheby’s Real Estate via Curbed, Cityfile]