Introducing Stewie Rah Rah, Bearer of Awesome Business Card

Photo: Julie Earle-Levine

As journalists, business cards are thrust upon us by the truckload and seldom worth pocketing. But check out this beauty. Billionaire Stewart Rahr, who ranks 397 on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans, and goes by “Stewie Rah Rah,” says he doesn’t give out his card often. But at a recent party on a sprawling Gramercy roof terrace, Rah Rah produced one of the best cards Daily Intel has ever seen. The front of the mock billion-dollar bill shows a picture of Rahr golfing with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, and bears the slogan, “If I don’t tell you how great I am, who will?” The back includes a picture of his $45 million Hamptons home, where he hosts charity benefits.

The deeply tanned “drugstore cowboy” — who offered the card with a wide, white smile — is a pharmaceutical distributor and a lender to small pharmacy franchises. He responds quickly to e-mails, it turns out, but is quick to assure (in the third person) that “Rah Rah is a very busy boy.” He signs such e-mails “Stewie Rah Rah, Number One Fun Guy!” We don’t disagree.