The Idea That Danny Pang Would Have A Secret Girlfriend Is Just Outrageous


Especially not a young, cute, Taiwanese former flower-shop owner called Su-Wei Yang under whose name certain assets that exceed the budget of a flower-shop owner are being kept. The fact that this woman was casually identified as the (married) Pang's "girlfriend from Taiwan" by several of the Pang's former employees, that there are pictures of the two of them together, e-mails signed "Love you very much" (albeit in Chinese) between them, that she once went on a business trip to Rome with him and would stay in a hotel adjacent to Mr. Pang's office whenever she visited him in the U.S. is immaterial. How dare the SEC even suggest it, Pang's lawyers wonder:

One of Mr. Pang's lawyers responded in a June 23 letter, filed in court, calling that an "inflammatory" and unsupported "piece of office gossip" that was defamatory.

Really. It's just shameful the lengths to which the SEC will go. Everyone knows Danny Pang is an upstanding citizen who had nary a skeleton in his closet before this whole $83 million fraud thing.

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