Jared Kushner Asked Papa Trump’s Permission for Ivanka’s Hand


Not that we would expect anything less of the painstakingly polite Jared Kushner, but word comes today from People that even though everyone knew they were going to get engaged, and even though Ivanka had already started taking conversion classes to become a Jew for him, Kushner asked her father for her hand in marriage before proposing. “I thought it was adorable,” Donald Trump told the mag. “He’s just a sweetheart.” While it is nice to imagine this kind of old-fashioned transaction, wouldn’t it be more fun if they went with an even older-fashioned one? The tradition of a dowry, after all, goes back to the Code of Hammurabi. And, as we know, the Kushners are in a little bit of a pickle over some of their real-estate deals. Since Donald Trump is also a real-estate magnate (who, to be fair, is always in one sort of pickle or another), why not throw a building or two in the bargain? Say, the Trump Soho, which is Ivanka’s pet project? It’d be a throwback to those halcyon days when men were men, women were property, and sketchy boondoggles could be traded at will between friends!

Ivanka’s Fiancé Asked Her Dad’s Permission to Wed [People]
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