Jayson Blair Is a Life Coach


"People say, 'Wait a minute. You're a life coach? That makes no sense,'" says Jayson Blair, the disgraced former journalist who became famous for humiliating the New York Times by plagiarizing and fabricating within its pages. "Then they think about my life experiences and what I've been through and they say 'Wait a minute. It does make sense.'" Michael Oberschneider, the psychologist who got Blair into the business, assured the AP that "Jayson is now using his talents for good." We weren't sure we bought all this, so we checked out his new official website. In the "Career Counseling" section, this jumped out at us:

No matter whether you are at the beginning of your career, trying to move up in a company where you work or whether you are looking to make a move, career coaching helps you gain insight about your personality, interests, your optimal work environment, your learning style and what you are good at so you can plan the net steps. The roadmap helps you take the next sep. I can also help you prepare for your job through professional mock job interviews, salary consultation and coaching you during your transition in your new job.

Typos aside (sad when you lose your editors, huh?), what strikes us is that there's no mention of his infamous career implosion in this section. It's not in the part where he talks about trying to claw your way ahead at work and boasts at his skill at faking his way through interviews — nor is it in the entire website. It's not that we don't believe Blair will be able to help people get ahead in life — we do! — it's that people should probably be told by what methods they might end up getting there.

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