Levi Johnston Nude-Pose Offers: Up to $50,000


Ever since Bristol Palin–impregnating Alaska native Levi Johnston told Bravo’s Andy Cohen that he’d pose naked for a publication if the money was right, offers have been trickling in. First, the publishers of the gay-porn title Unzipped offered an undisclosed sum. Then, via the mail today, we got a press release touting a $25,000 offer from a Las Vegas porn company called Bait & Tackle. (Yep, really.) They own the website StraightCollegeMen.com (we’re not linking to that) and now the new site LeviNaked.com, which we wish we’d thought to buy. That site is safe for work, and the “Straight College Boys Recruitment Video” is even kind of hilarious. “Given your well-known heterosexuality, you likely don’t know [our website] and its hundreds of naked straight men,” reads an open letter to Johnston on the site. “If you’ve been to Las Vegas lately, perhaps you’ve seen one of [our] billboards.” The New York–based gay blog Queerty.com, having also received this press release (the mailing lists the two of us must be on … ), upped the ante and are now offering $50,000 for a naked photo shoot. We were initially worried that they couldn’t afford it if Levi said yes, but then we realized that their request included a demand for a nude romp with another dude. Which, if we know our Levi, he’d never do.

Bait & Tackle Offers Levi Johnston $25,000 to Appear in Video [LeviNaked.com]