Madoff CFO Had Illegal Firearms Until Last Week


Part of the reason Frank DiPascali, the former CFO at Madoff's investment firm, sang like a castrato in court the other day about his long involvement with the notorious Ponzi scheme was, according to today's Post,

"to guarantee the feds didn't go after him on 'use of controlled substances prior to 1992' and for possessing illegal firearms up until last Friday."

Okay, first of all: This thing got busted up in December and Frank hung on to his firearms until last week? One would think that at some point in the last eight months he would have had one solid opportunity to toss those suckers into the river or to at least negotiate a decent street price so as to be able to buy himself a MetroCard. Don't get us wrong, we're glad he didn't, but we are kind of disappointed on the part of Bernie because clearly the Ponzmaster was relying on a guy with not a lot of savvy. Secondly, "use of controlled substances prior to 1992" is a felony? How about that. It's a good thing we didn't inhale, back in the day.