Madonna and Jesus Appear at the Western Wall!


When Madonna, a Catholic follower of Jewish mysticism, started dating a boy-child named Jesus, you knew at some point they were going to take a trip to the Holy Land together. And thus we were unsurprised to see wire photographs of the pair entering the tunnels at the Western Wall together. What did surprise us was that the pair is scheduled to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the end of the week. Didn’t they learn a lesson last time Madonna came around and gave President Shimon Peres a paperback book on Kabbalah, telling him “every celebrity in Hollywood” was doing it? It was a move that offended people who were, you know, actually Jewish.

Of course, if she brings Netanyahu a hot young Brazilian thing and tells him, “every celebrity in Hollywood” was doing it, then she’ll totally redeem herself. We’ll have to wait and see.

Madonna tours Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem [AP]