Martha’s Vineyard Spies Rate Obama’s Golf Game


This afternoon the Post is blaring a headline on its website: “OBAMA SHOWS OFF POOR GOLF SKILLS AT MARTHA’S VINEYARD.” Obama’s personal critics, of course, have been stinging ever since he flashed his six-pack abs in Hawaii back in December. We’re going to try to ignore the sticky racial questions raised by the Post’s obvious glee over Obama’s failure at this preppy white sport in that preppy (mostly) white enclave (if only Tiger Woods had joined him for a round), and instead note that the paper’s spies on the Vineyard were actually pretty charitable in their descriptions of the president’s game. “He and his foursome were coming up the fairway and it must have been his — I don’t know — second or third shot. All I heard him say was ‘fore!’ and he hit a tree, but he was not too far from the green,” a nearby resident, Sally Fitzgerald, told the tabloid. “So, he chipped up — a pretty good chip, and then I think he had three putts to get in, but that’s a tough green.”

We’re just bummed he didn’t get into island chic and go for a more pastel palette. What’s with the khaki-and-cream outfit, O? There’s no point in going all the way to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation if you can’t dress like Queen Frostine from Candyland.