Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Regression Is Disturbing Us


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen must have empathized with Benjamin Button. Forced into adulthood early, they retired from their first careers at 18 years of age and are only now, at 23, getting to experience what it’s really like to grow up. “Our lives have been kind of backward,” Ashley explained to the Times last week. We empathize with the twins and applaud their attempts to rediscover their inner children. But we have to say we’re a little disturbed by their methods. It was one thing when they were just experimenting with dress up, but over the weekend they showed up to an event in Tokyo wearing mouse and rabbit ears in what we can only imagine is an attempt to feel like “real” five-year-olds, the kind who insist on wearing their Halloween costumes several months before the holiday. How long will it be before they appear in diapers in order to experience what “normal three-year-olds” feel like when they poop in their pants in public?

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