Matthew Settle Skateboards in Traffic


We had a number of questions regarding yesterday’s "A Night Out With Matthew Settle" feature in the "Sunday Styles." (Settle, of course, plays Rufus Humphrey on the Greatest Show of Our Time.) The first question was, of course: Why did they do "A Night Out With Matthew Settle"? This, like many of our other queries about the "Styles" section (Do that many white people really not start relationships from a simple one-night stand?), will go unanswered, so let’s move on. Our second question is: Is skateboarding in traffic a thing?

High-speed skateboarding in traffic is a bit risky, acknowledged Mr. Settle, 39. But it’s the most authentic way to get around town, he added. Darting through crowded intersections on a slalom board, you feel the city, you don’t just see it. You experience the whoosh of New York at street level. "It gets you into the ebb and flow of the city," he said. "It's kind of like if you go to Rome, you have to be on a scooter to appreciate it."

Sorry, the "most authentic" way to get around town? We thought New York was supposed to not be the City of Imminent Danger and/or Death any more these days.

Here’s our main question: Why does an adult (who, as we know from personal experience, does indeed have the adorable "hyperactive enthusiasm of a teenager" — we once played Cranium with him) spend his afternoon "shopping for presents for Taylor Momsen (Jenny), who just turned 16, and Penn Badgley (Dan), whom he wanted to repay after cadging protein shakes from Mr. Badgley’s dressing room"? He uses his personal time to buy his Gossip Girl children presents? Settle ended up buying "a few vinyl LPs for Mr. Badgley to play on his vintage-style tube stereo" and "a portable audio recorder" for Taylor, who is a singer-songwriter. So they were, like, good presents. Could there actually be a real-life Rufus Humphrey–type New York dad? Let’s just hope he doesn’t have an affair with a woman who belongs to the city’s richest billionaire. Because in real life, that guy will cut a bitch.

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