Meet the Guy Who Spent 10K on Drinks in One Night of Clubbing


While skimming an otherwise dull profile of the club the Gates in yesterday's "Styles" section, our ears pricked up, our head cocked to the side, and an involuntary Scooby-like "huuuh?" of curiosity escaped our lips when we saw this quote:

"We had dinner last night, and we spent like $10,000 for about ten people," said Hrish Lotlikar, 33, a vice-president at the venture-capital firm Spencer Trask. "We started at the Yale Club and went on to Marquee."

He said he would happily buy a magnum of Belvedere vodka, listed at $950 on the leather-bound drink menu. "I do a lot of business in clubs," he explained. "And this is definitely a hot place, a place you want to see and be seen. It oils the wheels when you're making deals." [Ed: He's a poet!]

Mr. Lotlikar's eye was caught, at this stage, by one of the many pretty, perfumed women dancing to Phil Collins's "Easy Lover." "That definitely helps, too," he said.

What a great angle: "Some people are still rich!" But who exactly is this captain of industry, Hrish Lotlikar? We can't tell much from his Friendster (heh) profile, except that he's in a relationship (presumably with someone who indulges his enjoyment of women dancing to Phil Collins, and by the way, nice American Psycho allusion, New York Times). Hrish also has his own beauty-and-fashion-photography company! And what is this venture-capital firm, Spencer Trask, for which Hrish is a vice-president? Its website is vague, but the firm must be doing very, very well! Very, very well indeed.