Memo to Michael Bloomberg: You Are Actually Running Against People


Remember yesterday when the Times detailed exactly how Bloomberg was using the $37 million he's already shelled out to beat mayoral-race rivals like Bill Thompson, Tony Avella, and Rick Lazio? And remember when last night in a primary debate, Avella and Thompson spent the night agreeing to attack Bloomberg together? Well, none of that is real, at least in Hizzoner's world. From the AP today:

"I'm not running against anybody," Bloomberg told reporters. "I'm running on a record, and I'm trying to lay out the things that I would do if given another opportunity."

Oh, Mike, Mike, Mike. We understand what you meant here. But you pay so many people so much money to teach you not to say things that can be taken out of context to make you look bad! When you get home, Howard Wolfson is going to give you a real spanking with a rolled-up newspaper over this one.

Opponent? What opponent? NYC mayor says he's not really facing anyone in this year's election [Chicago Tribune]