Model Will Find Out Who’s Been Calling Her a Skank


Back in January, model Liskula Cohen decided to sue Google for refusing to reveal the identity of the anonymous blogger who ran a site entirely devoted to calling her a “skank” and an “old hag” and so on. Now, finally, she will get her justice, as a judge has ordered Google to fess up so Cohen can slap the offender with a defamation lawsuit. For all we know this ruling could shake the foundation of anonymous Internet mudslinging to its very core. But it may have ever greater implications for Cohen. “I really hope it’s not somebody I know,” she said yesterday. But come on, it probably will be. Who else would have any reason to harbor such animosity toward a barely known model? Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be someone really awkward, like her roommate — or worse, her mom. Ultimately, this may be one of those things that’s better left unknown, like your husband’s Internet browsing history or the fat content of a Bacon Turkey Bravo.