New AIG CEO Taking a Much-Needed Vacation


New AIG CEO Robert Benmosche, the company's fourth in as many years, just started yesterday, and he already needs a breather: According to Bloomberg, he'll be spending part of his first month at his villa on the Dalmation coast, in Croatia. Predictably, some people are already sniping.

“It’s probably not a propitious time for an incoming CEO to begin with a vacation,” said Steven Seiden, president of New York-based executive recruitment firm Seiden Krieger Associates. Seiden said that while the absence won’t hurt the company’s financial position, “from a public relations standpoint it’s probably not the wisest thing to do.”

Well, that's not really fair. Croatia is lovely this time of year, everyone knows nothing happens in August, and Americans have come to understand that the big guys need to unwind like everyone else. We learned from George W. Bush! He took a little "me" time at the start of his presidency, and everything turned out fine then.

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