President Obama’s Pet Peeves Only Make Him a Better Man


Today, Politico delves deep into the dark, inner psyche of President Barack Obama with an investigation into his pet peeves. So what really sets him off? Stupid petty things, like when you can’t reach the last few gherkins at the bottom of the jar? Nope. Conveniently, only things that serve to bolster his image! According to aides, Obama gets annoyed when his schedule “interferes with his duties as First Dad,” like when he missed one of his daughters’ school concerts. “This is unacceptable,” he said at the time. “Make sure it never happens again.” Aw! He also hates being late, because he’s so considerate of others. “His biggest thing is he hates inconveniencing people,” an aide said. “He wants meetings to start on time and wants to have enough time to meet with people, and so we try to build in some extra time. He hates being rushed, and he hates shortchanging someone.” Among the other admirable qualities revealed in the piece are Obama’s loyalty and authenticity (he “dislikes it when ‘folks try to get him to wear baseball gear for teams other than the White Sox’”), health consciousness (needs his gym time), and calm temperament (he’s famously anti-drama). David Axelrod jokes at the end of the piece that Obama’s new pet peeve will be “when aides share his pet peeves with reporters.” We highly doubt it!

Barack Obama’s top pet peeves [Politico]