Obamas to Visit National Parks Starting Next Week

The Obamas, blissfully unaware of the enormous tube of flame and peril that awaits them in Wyoming. Photo: Getty Images. Inset: ngm.com

As part of Michelle Obama’s effort to raise awareness about America’s national parks, the entire Obama family will take a trip to the West to visit some of the most famous ones in the country. They’ll visit Montana first to talk about health care next Friday. Then they’ll head to the Grand Canyon, where the girls have never been. They’ll also visit Yellowstone National Park on the way, which is famous for having lots of bison and geysers. Also, if you read National Geographic (the best magazine your parents ever collected in the basement), you would know that the park is additionally famous for being a giant secret volcano just waiting to destroy the entire world. And if we were a “monstrous plume of hot rock” waiting around to make a really big humanity-ending splash, we’d probably think that a visit by the leader of the free world was a pretty exciting moment. Just sayin’, Mr. President, something to consider 

Obamas to Visit Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon [Caucus/NYT]