Press-Hating Sarah Palin Invades Media’s House of Worship

"THIS is supposed to be CRAB?"Photo: Getty Images

According to a Facebook status update on behalf of the restaurant, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is here in New York and dined at Michael’s last night. She’s in town to visit with her publisher, HarperCollins, and has been doing “fun kids things” during her stay here with her family. It all sounds innocent enough, except for the Michael’s part. Michael’s is not only a Northeastern elite power-lunching spot, it is the very epicenter of the liberal media — the very men, women, and reporters who are out to get her. What on earth could have led her to eat there? The place doesn’t even serve anything that a real American would actually eat! (“Miso-glazed Scottish wild salmon with braised bok choy, shiitake mushrooms, coconut reduction”?? That menu item reads like a “fuck you” to the entire state of Alaska.) It would be like Bill O’Reilly having dinner in Provincetown, or one of the Clintons having dinner in Pyongyang (well, you know what we mean). There must have been some nefarious intent. Arianna, Tina, Arthur, and Graydon — we’d advise you to take a sniff of that Cobb salad before you plunge in today.

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