Ray Kelly Wears Fancy Ties Because He Was a Marine


The New York Times did a fluff piece today on one of the city’s toughest characters: Ray Kelly. The police commissioner is an imposing, even scary figure. But there’s always something soft, supple, and even seductive about him: his ties. So the paper asked him to teach them how to tie a Windsor knot. The usually reserved Kelly joyfully complied. “I wear mostly Charvet [ties],” he explained. “Some Brioni, an occasional Kiton, but mostly Charvet; I just think they are high-quality and they look the best.” If you go to the Times website, you’ll see a slideshow of Kelly’s lesson. “One of the things the Marine Corps teaches you is to pay attention to detail, and that your appearance is important,” he said. “It is important in every business. People who pay attention to their appearance do better.”

When Intel Chris and Jessica were discussing this story, Chris’s reaction was, “Oh, look, they got him to smile!” Jessica’s was: “This is the exact kind of story that people look back and shake their heads over after something terrible happens.”

Many Splendid Ties, But Just One Knot [NYT]