Relax, You Can Still Search for Jessica Biel


You might have heard on the “news” (or in a gossip roundup) this morning that Jessica Biel has been named “the Most Dangerous Celebrity on the Web” by McAfee, who say searches for her name lead to the most viruses. McAfee issues an “annual report” (press release) like this every year (last year it was Brad Pitt) in order to scare people into buying their antiviral software, and everyone acts like it isn’t completely meaningless. It’s exactly as meaningful as ADT releasing a press release saying that according to a poll, Zach Galifianakis was rated the celebrity most likely to break into your house and tickle you to death, except all the news outlets pick it up and report it like it’s a real scare because it’s August. So if you must search for your precious Jessica Biel, just stick to sites you know. For the love of God. And, really, if you’re sitting around Googling Jessica Biel and clicking on whatever weird URLs come up, you deserve all the spyware you get.