For Seniors, Lunchtime Trumps Health Care


It's hard enough for our elected officials to brave the hyperbolic rhetoric, hysteric accusations, and plain misinformation that have become the hallmark of many health-care town halls. But try pitching a controversial and complicated health-care plan at a senior center during lunchtime, as Queens congressman Anthony Weiner did, and you will find yourself in an even greater world of hurt.

As the meeting went on, many of the seniors began grumbling that Weiner was interrupting their lunch.

"I'm just hungry," said 76-year-old Albert Fink. "This is a lot of silliness."

Linda Lefton, 61, stared at the clock.

"Usually our lunch starts at noon," she said. "I think he is going to cause us to delay our lunch. That's no good."

And that's how health-care reform lost a few dozen votes yesterday.

Rep. Anthony Weiner gets earful from seniors with questions about 'communist' health care plan [NYDN]