Rielle Hunter Testifies Before Grand Jury

Photo: AP

Look, it’s former John Edwards mistress Rielle Hunter! She’s pictured here entering a courthouse in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she’s testifying before a grand jury over whether the former Democratic presidential candidate violated campaign-finance laws by paying her $114,000. The payments were supposedly for video shorts produced by Hunter — who had no previous filmmaking experience — but investigators are questioning whether it was actually hush money to keep the affair quiet. Hunter showed up today at the courthouse carrying her young child, who doesn’t quite look like John Edwards in a onesie but who many think is his son. (Edwards denies this and has asked for a paternity test.) Edwards’s former aide, who claims to be the father of the child, appeared before the same grand jury last month. It’s a regular family reunion!

Ex-Edwards mistress appears at federal courthouse [TPM via Gawker]