Bill Clinton Just Met With Barack Obama at the White House


[Luckily, we turned on our super-secret Daily Intel wiretaps, because the meeting was a lot shorter than we anticipated]

Bill Clinton: So did you call me in here so I could teach you all the lessons I learned from my rescue trip to North Korea? That was pretty great, wasn’t it? Kim Jong-Il looks even more like a lollipop in person.
President Obama: I called you in here to tell you that you can never do anything like that ever again, especially without asking first.
Bill Clinton: I meant to, but Gore called me up, and I was joyriding Bingy’s jet for the week anyway, and you know how it goes.
President Obama: You could at least have called your wife, the secretary of State.
Bill Clinton: Yeah … I don’t have her number.
President Obama: [Sighs]
Bill Clinton: I brought you back some North Korean cigars?

Bill Clinton Arrives at White House for Obama Meeting [Voices/WP]