Robert Benmosche Promises Andrew Cuomo the Worst Day of His Life


New AIG CEO Robert Benmosche may be on vacation at his Croatian villa presently, but when he gets back to New York, he is going to come in with guns blazing. First thing on his agenda? Reaming out Bonus-Buster Andrew Cuomo, who pressured Congress to release the names of AIG employees receiving retention bonuses this past winter.

The worst thing that will ever happen to him is when he and I meet in the room and I close the door,” Benmosche, 65, said of Cuomo. “I ain’t going to meet with him with anybody else in the room. I won’t tell you what I’ll say to him, but I will tell you there won’t be a nice word.”

While he is at it, he may have a few words with Congress, too.

While he is at it, he may have a few words with Congress, too.

After all, he’s no wimp, unlike his his predecessor, Ed Liddy:

I would never, ever let them talk to me the way they talked to him,” Benmosche reportedly said, of ‘s appearance in front of Congress. “I would have told them what to do with this job, and I would have said it on TV: ‘You can stick it where the sun don’t shine.’”

Well shit. We’d be scared. After all, this is a man who didn’t even show Snoopy any mercy.

AIG’s Benmosche Says Cuomo’s Bonus Tactics ‘Unbelievably Wrong’ [Bloomberg]