Rod Blagojevich Kicks Off Charm Offensive With Karaoke, Fabio


Before Sarah Palin tried to fashion herself as a political free agent, depending on speeches, television appearances, and books to turn herself into a one-woman publicity machine, another former governor and popular object of media ridicule was blazing the trail for her. Disgraced Illinois politician Rod Blagojevich has been trying to turn himself into a sort of political and entertainment warrior, fighting mostly for himself, but also purportedly on behalf of America. “He’s not playing politics or playing nice. He’s simply speaking his mind and telling the truth!” boasts his new website, which debuted yesterday. “And, even as he awaits trial, he’s making history and headlines … as a champion for ordinary Americans.” The site is pretty meager so far, but it resolved to “organize or stage events to empower people,” to battle politicians who “mislead or lie to the American public.” He’s a fighter, see! And to prove it, this weekend he took to the stage at a fair to perform a little Elvis karaoke. With romance-novel cover model Fabio. Because that’s what warriors for the people do.