Is Done With This ‘Online Magazine’ Crap


Let's parse this statement from CEO Richard Gingras regarding the firing of six of his staffers and a general reorganization of his site. Emphasis ours:

We are moving away from a very traditional magazine production model and becoming more of a true Web publication, with a more direct publishing system. Moving forward, we are investing most in the writers and creative participants who can help us continue to attract the smart, discerning readers attracted to Salon ... The financial changes emphasize what we do best — publish sharp, fast takes on the important events in the world, as well as the in-depth stories, reviews and blogs that readers come to us for — and will also allow us room to grow. Salon has always been about great writing from great writers. That will continue.

Translation: We're becoming an old-school blog, okay?

Salon Lays Off Six In Pursuit of Becoming a 'True Web Publication' [Valleywag]