Second Lottery Win Leads to Adorable Scene in Queens Bodega


A Times story about a Jamaica, Queens, convenience store that has sold two jackpot-winning tickets in eight weeks ends with a charming anecdote about owner Mr. Patel's excitement over the second win (by a mysterious man in a Popeyes uniform):

The man was having trouble feeding his ticket into the machine. Mr. Patel looked at the numbers as he pushed the ticket into the slot.

Mr. Patel shouted: “You won! You won!”

Others in the store said Mr. Patel was so excited that he lifted the man off the ground a couple of times. Shamo Birsen, another customer, said the winner did not appear to share Mr. Patel’s enthusiasm. If he knew he had won before Mr. Patel processed the ticket, he gave no hint. And his expression did not change much after Mr. Patel whooped and shrieked.

Hopefully, this story will end with the Popeyes guy recovering from the shock of his win and returning to pay back Mr. Patel's goodwill with a lifetime supply of biscuits.

What Are the Odds? At One Store, 2 Jackpots in 8 Weeks [NYT]