Sex on Skates Is Getting the Hang of This Interview Thing


After Sunday’s much-hyped date between Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston, the comedienne invited him onto Larry King Live, which she was guest-hosting last night. As was hinted by his even accompanying Griffin to the Teen Choice Awards in the first place, it seems that Levi is getting a sense of humor about all of this fame stuff. (We also got a sense of this on our own hot date with him earlier this summer.) Take this conversation, for example:

Griffin: “Tell me what your day is going to be like with me. What’s a normal day? You wake up, you think about me, and then what?”
Johnston: “I spend most of the day eating, because I’m depressed you’re not around.”
Griffin:“Drawing pictures of me?”
Johnston: “Yeah, stuff like that.”

Funny! And he wasn’t even fazed when she asked him to take his clothes off, “just for a bit.” Without laughing, he dryly replied: “I think we should wait until the cameras are off.”