Sotomayor v. Equinox Fitness: The Case of the Canceled Membership

Photo: Getty Images; Equinox

Sonia Sotomayor may know a lot about the law, but she has a thing or two to learn about the rules. The newly sworn-in U.S. Supreme Court justice had her membership at the Equinox Fitness Club canceled in 2007 because she breezed into the club on 92nd Street and Broadway, refusing to stop at the desk or show her I.D. card, and was denied entry to another Manhattan branch when she tried to gain access without proper identification. “She absolutely would not show her card or check in; she felt like she shouldn’t have to,” said our source. A representative for Sotomayor confirms that the judge’s club membership was indeed canceled, but she denies that Her Honor refused to show her card when checking in for her workouts. Equinox declined to comment on Sotomayor, but a spokesperson did explain, “Everybody has to check in for security reasons, even our employees.” For the record, during his campaign President Obama visited a number of Equinox clubs across the country, and each time checked in at the desk.