Spotted: Screech, on the N Train


Dustin Diamond, more commonly known as Screech, was spotted on the N line between 14th Street and 42nd Street early this hot and sweaty morning. Commenter stuckinmidtown, who is devastated by the fall from grace a subway ride connotes for the former Saved by the Bell star, reports: “He was sporting jeans, a white T-shirt, and a sport coat,” she said. “He is still rocking the Jewfro, a bit shorter in length but still curly, of course. He also still has the goatee with the ‘stache. Trying to make sure no one caught on to his stardom, he had a big pair of sunglasses, and was reading amNY. Fortunately he’s kept off some of the weight since CFC, but he was still definitely sweating.”