Standard Hotel’s Exhibitionist Enthusiasm Finally Bites It in the Ass


Andre Balazs and the PR masterminds behind the High Line–straddling Standard Hotel have been thrilled about the scandalous nude sightings that have occurred (suspiciously frequently) from its iconic windows. It’s amazing, sexy, free publicity! The hotel’s blog even went so far as to beg people to have sex (and photograph it!) for the viewing pleasure of neighbors and people on the High Line. Since it’s in the meatpacking district, a playland for debauchery and excess, it all seemed like it made perfect sense. Until the New York Post finally realized that, wait a minute, the High Line is a public park. Like, the kind of place that parents take their children. And even though nobody likes gratuitous salaciousness as much as a particular tabloid, there’s also no one better at faux outrage. And so this weekend, when the Post was preparing a tut-tutting story about naked escapades in the hotel (kudos on snapping this hot guy, by the way. We sent out an intern every night for a week, and he didn’t even see one sex act!), the hotel altered its “Cum on over!” blog post soliciting naked pictures. Because, hey, once the Post is taking nude photos for you, who needs amateurs?

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