The Senate Makes It Up to Pedro Espada


The hiring of Pedro Espada’s son, Pedro G. Espada, didn’t quite work out according to plan. But the recently crowned Senate majority leader isn’t the type of guy to put all his eggs in one basket, either. In fact, in the midst of the uproar over his son, Espada was able to secure jobs and raises totaling $350,000 for some of his close friends, all of whom, we’re sure, were both totally necessary and utterly qualified. People like Jerry Love. Jr, whose mom, an employee of Espada’s Soundview health clinic, pleaded guilty in 2004 to funneling state money designated for AIDS treatment into Espada’s political campaign. Think what you will about the guy — you can’t say he’s not a good friend.

Espada taps $350,000 [Times Union]