The Silver Lining to Obama’s Bad Numbers

Photo: Getty Images

On the 200th day of his presidency, two new polls out today confirm that concerns over health-care reform, that damn stubborn recession, and even his “stupidly” remark have caused President Obama’s once-soaring popularity to drop down to the levels of someone America just kind of likes. CNN has Obama’s approval rating at 56 percent, which is seven points down from his April numbers, while Quinnipiac has Obama at an even lower 50 percent, down itself seven points from only a month ago. But Team Obama can take comfort in knowing that while Americans have soured on Obama, they still trust him more than they do Republicans in Congress to handle the economy and health care, Quinnipiac shows. And they still blame Republicans nearly two to one over Democrats for the state of the economy, according to the CNN poll. In addition, the economy will inevitably improve, some form of health-care reform will likely pass, and Gatesgate will soon become a distant memory. Until then, the White House will have to settle for being the lesser of two evils.

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