Commutes Are Becoming Increasingly Raunchy


It’s not uncommon to see some odd things on the L train, what with those colorful hipsters with their nonconformity to societal norms and all, but it’s not often that you’ll glimpse a woman disrobe and squat in the middle of the aisle, utterly naked, as a team of photographers snaps photos. But that’s what happened this June, thanks to photographer Zach Hyman, who has taken series of similarly scandalous photos at different locations around the city. Most of the subway riders were, as you might expect, “blasé” — that seems to be the standard jaded, seen-it-all–New Yorker response to any bizarre event that takes place in the city — except for one woman who “started screaming,” and an elderly man who “got the shakes,” perhaps feeling something stirring for the first time in a long time. Between this incident and the seemingly growing trend of subway masturbation, the subway is suddenly turning into the city’s hot new scene.