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There Is One Thing About David Paterson That Scares Andrew Cuomo

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For all his great poll numbers and fund-raising advantage, Andrew Cuomo still has one big hesitation when it comes to challenging David Paterson in the Democratic primary of the governor race: Paterson’s blackness. The Times reports that Cuomo is still stinging from the feedback he received for challenging Carl McCall, the party’s black de facto nominee for the governor race back in 2002. Running against a sitting black governor might have even more damaging repercussions, his team suspects. Cuomo aides say that he will definitely run for governor if Paterson is successfully pushed aside by black and labor leaders, but is still undecided about what he’ll do if Paterson stays as committed to running again as he says he is.

Meanwhile, to stave off tensions until such decisions are made, it turns out Paterson and Cuomo shared an intimate meal at Gotham Bar & Grill around Memorial Day weekend. According to the Times, the dinner was “cordial” and the pair “spoke frankly about how to maintain a détente” until the election next year. Oh, to be a fly in that foie gras and game-bird terrine 

On Governor’s Race, Cuomo Plays Game of Wait and See [NYT]

There Is One Thing About David Paterson That Scares Andrew Cuomo